15 November 2015

UTC Oxfordshire: card sculpting

Last week I worked with students at UTC Oxfordshire, exploring themes and structures for my public art commission at Great Western Park.

I was very impressed with their approach and attitude, and they developed some beautiful creations.

Here are a few snaps from the day:

“Tallest towers” exercise for various structure types.

Sphere prototype.

 Crystal structures.

Fusion chamber form.

Experimental shapes.

The students' final artworks.

Their artworks are great visually, but what’s even more valuable are some of the concepts behind them.

We discussed ideas of knowledge networks, focus, investigation, perseverance, experimentation, energy, all of which make brilliant subject matter for a piece of site-specific artwork.

I then ran a short project in the evening with a small group of GWP residents. They had some interesting ideas with a heritage slant, including the Roman occupation, Ridgeway, Didcot Power Station and the Great Western Railway.

My plan for this week is to run two more all-day sessions. The activities will be different for each, but both based on light.

Tomorrow there is a session for all GWP residents:

Public art at GWP

Light and projection workshop and discussion

Monday 16th November 2015:  18.15pm - 20.30pm. 
Meet at the main entrance of the new technical college at GWP. 

UTC Oxfordshire
Greenwood Way 
OX11 6BZ

We'll be experimenting with digital projection and silhouettes into theatrical mist. Should be excellent!

Please let me know if you'd like to attend.

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