16 November 2015

UTC Oxfordshire: projected light

The previous session with UTC Oxfordshire students was all about form and structure. In contrast, last week's was based on light.

As the day progressed their ideas got more experimental, using lenses and reflections.
We used a digital projector as the light source and theatrical ‘haze’ to accentuate the light rays, generating some interesting and gorgeous effects.

Coloured filters over JET vacuum chamber image.

Light rays accentuated by haze.

Rays re-focused through a screen and convex lens.

"Gear" stencil.

Rachel with lens and stencil.

Making stencils.

Reflecting light off folded card form.

Light reflected off folded card form.

Slots of light give a kind of "tunnel" effect.

Using stencil as screen.

Concertina screen.

Playing around with it.

Afterwards was another evening session with GWP residents. Along the same lines, but different approaches, and no smoke machine this time (to avoid fire alarms!).

Multiple cooling towers.

Coloured leaf stencils.

Didcot heritage stencil.

Remembrance Day stencil.

I’d quite like to use light some way in the public artwork, and it’s good to try images that work with natural and artificial light, with lenses, and illuminating curved surfaces.

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