2 March 2017

Final design for "Reach" sculpture

I’ve made some changes to the Reach sculpture design...the original proposal had a sharp, hard-edged style. 

As I’ve been researching the science theme, I think it’ll be better to take a step on from simple straight-line geometry to something more interesting and relevant.  The refined design is still in keeping with the idea of radiating growth, but now has a curved form which is inspired by the shape of the expanding universe. 

The Big Bang is the origin, and the front edge represents our current point where the expansion is becoming ever more rapid.

The front will be covered in illuminated glass, etched with images, text, formulas and diagrams relating to scientific knowledge.  

These are now in a pattern of circles of varying sizes.  From a distance they make an interesting composition, a bit like a newspaper image viewed through a magnifying glass.

I’ve started making some glass test pieces using transfer-etching onto glass:

It's a balancing act in the kiln to get the layers to fuse together well and to not degrade the image by overheating it.  760°C seems to be the answer.

For the final sculpture I’ll need hundreds of  glass circle designs, and will be appealing to the Science Vale community to contribute!  

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