18 February 2019

Fabrication 8

The small end of the sculpture will taper off quite sharply.  To get the right profile I've made a temporary arm that swings around so the short metal rods can be arranged in concentric bands.

7 December 2018

Fused Glass

There's such a transformation from firing the crushed and powdered glass.  Here's a before and after comparison...

26 November 2018

Fabrication 7

Almost there...

Interior view from the small end:

It feels like it's taken forever, but finally the outside strips are complete!

15 November 2018

Image designs by UTC students

The last few science images being created by students at UTC Oxfordshire: 




27 October 2018

Fabrication 6

Finally finished all the strips along the right-hand side:


Cracking on down the left side now...

13 September 2018

Fabrication 5

It's a painstaking process, slowly but surely working my way around adding the side strips:

The view inside shows all the welds:

20 July 2018

Fabrication 4

Sculpting has slowed down whilst I've been concentrating on the glass, but it's still coming along...

I'll send another update after the summer break.  Have a good one!